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Product Repacking

Our company since February 2015 provides specialized services pertinent to product repacking.
Fully equipped with flow pack and heat shrink packaging machinery we have high-quality production capacity.


Our services:

  • Total shrinkage with polyethylene
  • Partial shrinkage with polyethylene
  • Label pasting
  • Packaging / repackaging of boxes of varying composition and palletizing.
  • Stand and display assembly
  • Manual repacking / repackaging
  • Prints
  • Barcode labels
  • Lot number management


  • Polyethylene heat shrink machine
  • Label pasting machines
  • Conveyor belts
  • Palletizer
  • Automatic box sealer
  • Lifting machines
  • Heavy duty back - to - back racks
  • Storage areas of varying temperatures (up to -28°C)


Our Staff:

Our company has specialized staff for the excellent performance of all operations that our clients entrust us with, staff whose actions are being monitored throughout the production process by our experienced members of staff· we have a 24-hour production capacity.



Our projects:

  • Repacking of family-size ice cream containers of 1,8 and 0,9 lt via pasting discount stickers as well as item, box and pallet barcode labels.
  • Repacking of empty family-size ice cream containers via pasting discount stickers and barcode labels per item.



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