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Our Philosophy

  • The decision pertinent to the selection of the most suitable 3PL partner, the one who will undertake the logistics operations of your business, should not be based solely on cost. The logistics operations affect all your business departments as well as the overall image your company projects to your customers / clients.
  • It should always be stressed that it is the 3PL partner that most often comes in contact with the client / customer rather than the company itself.
  • The services we provide allow our clients to be relieved of the burden of executing non-core operations and, thus, maintain focus on the core activities of their business.




Our Corporate Culture




Our corporate culture is governed by the following characteristics:

  • Our professional experience and our reputation in the market.
  • The quality of our services and the prospects for growth and improvement.
  • The level of customer service we provide as well as the types of services we offer.
  • The use of new technologies and IT.
  • The capacity and location of our facilities.
  • The cost of services we provide.
  • Our financial stability.
  • The strict adherence to the terms and time periods of our contracts.
  • The quality of our communications, the provision of information and the relationships we form.
  • Our immediate response to the wishes and needs of our customers / clients.
  • The safeguarding of our credibility.
  • The quality and management of the relationships with our suppliers and customers.



Services we provide

  • Storage of dry cargo and frozen goods up to -28° C
  • Labeling on products for traceability purposes.
  • Picking and packing product services.
  • Returns management.
  • Inventory control.

Features of Storage Areas

  • 5.400 refrigerated pallet spaces (from +10° to -28° C)
  • 3.250 dry cargo pallet spaces, Drive in and Back to Back pallet racks
  • Reach trucks of all types.
  • Radio Shuttle System.
  • Closed circuit surveillance system as well as our own permanent security staff.
  • State-of-the-art fire suppression systems as dictated by law.
  • Educated and well-trained staff.



Truck fleet

A principle of our company is the provision high quality services in terms of food product transportation and especially when it comes to the transportation of frozen goods.
The goods we transport require special handling; they are transferred to cold stores which simultaneously hold three different temperatures.

The company's truck fleet comprises a total of 42 company-owned trucks, which can tend to any peculiarity in terms of cargo transportation need (dry - frozen - refrigerated).

  • Three of the trucks with a capacity of 16, 33 and 37 Euro-pallets respectively, are used in the transportation of large loads mainly transferring goods to and from the neighboring prefectures.
  • However, most of the trucks in our fleet have dimensions that are considered most suitable for the transportation and distribution of goods within the major urban centers in which operate.
  • All our vehicles have hydraulic doors (ramps) on the back.
  • The refrigerator trucks are equipped with double refrigeration machinery in order to provide the ability for transportation at three different temperatures (dry - refrigerated - frozen).
  • They hold a certificate of suitability as regards the transportation of products of animal origin and have been checked by the competent body.
  • Both our drivers and their assistants have been selected on the basis of their ability to solve problems and focus on customer needs.



Our Customers

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